National Salesperson Day


National Salesperson Day is today, December 13th! There are many salespeople in a variety of industries, but I would argue that some of the best salespeople are recruiters. Instead of persuading you to buy things you probably don’t need, recruiters use effective strategies to grow our business and build a family of therapists, making Preferred Healthcare Staffing the company it is today.


Today we recognize our team of recruiters for the ways they go above and beyond to identify new opportunities, foster relationships with candidates, and place them in positions they truly want.


There’s a lot more that goes into recruiting than what meets the eye. Our recruiters work well beyond a 40-hour work week, staying available on evenings and weekends for any needs or questions their travelers may have. They’re able to effectively manage these relationships and identify the needs of their travelers to make sure that a partnership with Preferred Healthcare Staffing will benefit them and their professional careers. Our team prides itself on honesty, and we do our best to answer your questions and be as transparent as possible. Recruiters at Preferred also identify the needs of our clients to make sure we can find talent that excellently matches the demands of the role. This helps us maximize both our relationships with our clients and our therapists.


Perhaps the most important part of the “sales” process at Preferred is the ability for us to place therapists in positions they enjoy. For our recruiters, it goes more beyond closing the sale; they’re passionate about searching our database for jobs in settings and locations our travelers would enjoy, providing them with awesome benefits, and ultimately supporting them every step of the way. Our recruiters thrive on the stories of happy therapists who let us know how content they are in their placement.


So, today we say thank you to our awesome team of recruiters – Dakota, Bryan, Quyen, Craig, Kat, Dawn, Chase, Ge, Ashley, Emily as well as our awesome Staffing Managers – for all of the ways you help scale our business and impact the careers of your candidates. We appreciate your commitment to your therapists, unrelenting work ethic and forward-thinking.

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