Black Friday Deals For Therapists



Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year—an entire day dedicated to eating excessive amounts of food and basking in thankfulness? Sign us up!

The only downside to Thanksgiving this year is that it falls on the calendar a week later than it has in the past. Even though Thanksgiving always falls on the last Thursday of November, this is the first time Thanksgiving has been this “late” since 2013. This means Christmas is less than a month away, and you know what that means…shopping.

Before the shopping madness takes over and you feel stressed to shop for everyone on your list, it’s a good idea to stock up on some things you really want (or hint to others that you want 😊) on Black Friday. Whether you’re a die-hard shopper who gathers with the masses on Thanksgiving evening, or you’re only interested in one good deal, Black Friday is often the best time to buy hot items you’ll get some use out of. We know you’re busy working and traveling on your awesome assignments, so to save you some time, we’ve rounded up the best Black Friday deals. From headphones to clothing, these items will make your day-to-day as a therapist that much more enjoyable.

  1. Tile – From packing and unpacking and traveling from assignment to assignment, or even just helping you find where you last you’re your keys, the Tile system is an awesome way to keep tabs on important things. The system syncs with an app on your phone so you can ring, or track, these items with the touch of a button. – shop the deal 
  2. Headphones – Heading to the gym before work? Going on a weekend hike? Tuning out annoying coworkers?! A good pair of headphones is such a worthwhile investment since you’ll probably use them every day. – shop the deal 
  3. Apple Watch or Fitbit – Track those hard-earned hours on your feet, text without having your phone on you, and more with a cool smartwatch. Both Apple watches and Fitbits are on sale. – shop the deal here and here
  4. FIGS scrubs – Not only are these much better looking than traditional scrubs, they’re comfy, too! A portion of your purchase will also go towards helping medical professionals in other countries to have access to basic medical supplies and scrubs. They’re offering a secret Black Friday discount, but we’re told it should be good! – check them out here 
  5. Kindle – Because nobody has time to go to the library or lug around 5 different novels in their bag. Kindles are awesome for travel and won’t hurt your eyes like a traditional tablet will. – shop the deal 
  6. Comfy shoes – When you’re spending a majority of your day on the move, a good pair of shoes is essential. There are so many to choose from, but we found the best deals here and here.  
  7. Backpack – This one’s perfect for hiking, but REI has lots of brands and styles on sale! – shop the deal 
  8. GoPro – Consider this one a splurge. Even though it’s on sale, it’s still a little pricey, however, if you’ve thought about getting a GoPro in the past, now’s the time to do it! Walmart also has other versions on sale. – shop the deal here or here  

Happy shopping! 


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