Beach House BBQ Bash 2018


Travel Therapy Party 2018!



Our amazing cohostess with the most-est, Julia Kuhn, aka The Traveling Traveler wrote an awesome party recap!


A HUGE Heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for coming out! I know some of you traveled a long way (I believe Jon coming in from Virginia takes the cake for the furthest!) This photo was taken at the end when things were starting to wrap up, but there were well over 100 therapists and travelers!

Another huge thank you to Julia Kuhn, aka The Traveling Traveler,  for being the cohostess with the most-est! She was the best cohost ever, and it was a huge pleasure to finally meet her too! And another huge thank you to her for coming out early to be sure she’d be here for the party in case Hurricane Lane headed her way in Hawaii!!!

Alright, one more round of thank yous…to my freakin’ awesome team! There is no way this thing could have gone down without them! This was a monumental team effort. Everyone was hustlin’ and bustlin’ to get packed, unpacked, prepared, and ready for guests. I’m honestly touched, this was team work at its absolute best! A special shout out to my boss, Barry, who really rallied hard – not only did he do a ton of running around, but he also ran the grill and played bar tender throughout the party.

Thanks again, everyone!  We hope to see you again next year for round 2!


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Here are some pictures from the Beach House BBQ Bash!  If you have any to contribute, email them to me at ginnie@preferredregistry.com!

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