All I Want For Christmas is an Awesome Job: How a Healthcare Recruiter Can Help Find The Right Position For You



Starting the job search can be a daunting task. From scouring the internet and job boards to resume revisions and applications, not to mention prepping for an interview, the whole process can take a lot out of you. However, teaming up with a recruiter often can help lessen the burden and make the experience much more pleasant.

A recruiter’s job is to find you a job. Simple as that. Without you—the job seeker—their profession literally wouldn’t exist! Connecting with a recruiter can unlock job opportunities and help you secure an interview for a position you really want. It’s likely that if you have solid work experience, strong credentials and a good attitude, you’ll find someone who is receptive and ready to go to work for you to find a job in the right setting and location.


Team up with an agency

There are several ways to find a reputable recruiter. Most times, they’ll work for a staffing agency who specializes in placing candidates in specific healthcare positions. An agency has many connections with hospitals and healthcare facilities. They have relationships with the hiring managers who are looking for talent, which means they’re more likely to get your resume in front of the right eyes. While some open positions might get sent to multiple agencies to try to fill, an agency with a direct relationship with the facility will be the only one notified of the job opening. In this case, by working with the agency, your application will be submitted by your recruiter, and you’ll be first on the list to be considered for the position. This can lead to same-day interviews, and job offers very quickly.


Interview your recruiter

When teaming up with an agency, you have access to a team of recruiters. It’s important that the recruiter you end up working with seems like a good fit. Ask questions about their experiences and processes, and relationships they have with their other candidates. Word of mouth is the best type of a review, so feel free to ask them if they have any testimonials from people they’ve worked with who can speak to their work ethic.  It’s also a good idea to figure out the recruiter’s communication style so you’ll know what to expect while working with them. Do they like to text their candidates? Can you call them on the weekends? How fast do they typically reply to an email? Since you’ll be communicating with them frequently, it’s helpful to make sure you’re on the same page and feel confident in their ability to answer your questions and help you.


Be honest & communicate well

While a recruiter works for you, there’s a certain degree of effort that you as a candidate need to put in to make the relationship work. Being honest with your intentions, background, interests and experience will allow the recruiters to accurately match your skills with positions you’re qualified for. This mindset should only continue throughout your job search; update them with any changes of interest and follow up with any questions.  Even if you decide you’re no longer interested a position or want to decline an interview, let them know! Being up front with them better directs their job search for you and helps maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.


This holiday season, if looking for a new job is on the list of the 239239 things you’re stressed out about, take a deep breath and know it’ll all be okay. Know that there’s a recruiter out there who will have your best interest in mind and be ready to roll up their sleeves and help you find that dream job. If you’re interested in giving this recruiter thing a shot, let us know, and we’d love to walk through this process with you.  Happy Holidays!

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