5 great tips to be more productive


It seems that each and every day that passes we get busier and busier.  Being able to balance the demands of your career, family and all the other activities and priorities that come into your life is not an easy task.  So how do we find balance and take care of the most important things that we are faced with every day and not let the mundane sidetrack us?  That is a question with multiple answers,  but here are five great tips to be a more productive you:

1. Live a balanced healthy life:  The MOST important aspect of being more productive.  By exercising regularly you will notice you have more energy, more focus, and more ambition.  A big part of this includes getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, maintaingin a nutritious diet, and being physically active.  Being healthy boosts energy levels by up to 60% within just the first two months, which can greatly improve both career and interpersonal relationships.

2. Prioritize:  Make a list and next to each item put an A for a must do item of the day, a B for a should do item of the day, and a C for something that could wait if you ran out of time.

3. Know the difference between urgent and important:  Just because something comes up at the last minute and is handed to you with a rush doesn’t make it urgent, learn how to determine what’s most important.

4. Take breaks:  A 10 to 15 minute break after a period of work can help you refresh yourself, recharge your mind and help you be more productive.  Use your breaks productively by eating lunch, meditating, reading, or any other way that will help you relax for a few minutes. It is important to recharge your mind so you can work more efficiently for your next productive period.

5.  Don’t procrastinate:  We can all find a million reasons why we couldn’t or shouldn’t accomplish a task that we know we have need to complete.  Focus on solutions and stop making excuses!

What tips do you have that help you be more productive?