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It can be hard to keep up with the world of technological devices.  I’m sure there are a large percentage of us that have new smart phones only to be looking longingly at the latest and greatest phone 24 hours later.  If you’re anything like me than it can seem like there is always something we’ve just added to our wish list of got-to-have electronics.  As frustrating as trying to keep up with the latest and greatest technology can be, it is amazing to see how some of these new technologies can be used directly in our Rehab world.

The other day an article was shared with me from the August 18 publication “Advance For Occupational Therapy Practitioners” that dealt with the popularity of the Nintendo Wii for many different diagnoses.   Some of the uses that the article pointed out were for:

1.       Stroke patients– to help in balance, sit-to-stand activities, timing, and strength

2.       Joint Replacement patients – to help in flexibility, standing balancing, standing incorporating upper body movement

3.       Cancer – to help battle fatigue, muscle weakness, anxiety and or depression

4.       Osteoarthritis – to help in range of motion, fatigue, relaxation and distraction

Virtual fitness and virtual reality based systems are being developed all the time for the advancement of therapy solutions.  One company, GestureTek Health, develops such products in order to provide solutions for different healthcare and therapy needs.   According to their website their products and other company’s products that are virtual reality based systems have important and visible results.

“Virtual reality exercise regimes are proven by research to deliver remarkable therapeutic benefits to physiotherapy patients. They also help those suffering from cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, autism and other conditions.

Patients experience improvement in trunk control, limb use, balance, mobility and gross and fine motor movement. They can also see enhanced cognitive and executive functioning and a greater sense of confidence and empowerment. Many patients find they require less surgical intervention and medication as a result of virtual therapy.”

We know our Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants and Speech Language Pathologists are always looking for the best tools to help the patients they serve.  We would love to hear from you as to what kind of technology you utilize in your craft.   If you’re looking for that perfect position to apply your knowledge of technology and therapy expertise visit our Job Board today!

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      —Jim G., Director of Rehab

    • Preferred is an excellent staffing agency!  The Therapists are very knowledgeable and always professional.  Professionalism and knowledge of Therapy laws and regulations are their top priority.  I will use no other.

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    • Preferred Healthcare was professional and offered us a number of very qualified candidates to choose from.   We are very happy and will turn to Preferred for our permanent needs in the future.

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      —Oscar K., Director of Rehab

    • In the midst of an ever changing and transitional healthcare environment, Preferred Healthcare has been consistent in their reliability, professionalism and most importantly, they provide experienced staff.

      —Robert P., Director of Physical Therapy

    • Preferred Healthcare is always available, responsive and professional.  I recommend them to my colleagues.

      —Maria P., S.L.P.

    • I like having control over how much I work and the flexibility!  I really appreciate that even though I am not available to work very often, when I am, you work hard for me.

      —Todd R., O.T.

    • I like the flexibility to keep my benefits if I reduce my schedule all the way down to 20 hours!  Great security and convenience!

      —Kathy J., P.T.A.

    • I have enjoyed every interaction with the Preferred Team!  The staff has been helpful, thoughtful and focused on my career from the beginning.  When it comes to my career and my future, Preferred is the only choice.

      —Debbie P., O.T.

    • Preferred is heads and shoulders above the competition!  I know this from experience.  I like working for a company that knows what to do and does it so well. . . together we work for the benefit of everyone.  You guys rock!

      —Vivian U., P.T.

    • I am proud to say I work with Preferred Healthcare.  The staff provides exceptional services and I always feel that they have my best interest in mind.

      —Vanessa S., P.T.

    • We are most impressed with the high level of professionalism and service commitment exhibited by Preferred Healthcare Registry. We feel your registry will model the mission and philosophy of our facility.

      —Ellie, Rehab Director, CA

    • I was not used to working with a placement agency so I was pleasantly surprised to find working with Preferred to be so easy. They were professional and offered us a number of very qualified candidates to interview. We are very happy and will turn to Preferred for our need in the future.

      —Liz, Director of Rehabilitation Services, CA